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DirectNavigationDomains Powered By Intent™

Inspired by the adoption of the Domain Name System in the early 90\'s and the obvious opportunities arising from the preponderence of use of the primary method of navigating to web pages (Direct Navigation) by early users of the Internet, was founded in 2000, and is focused on acquiring Direct Navigation, Keyword Specific, and Brandable Domains.

While our Primary Focus has been Acquisiton of Generic Direct Navigation Industry Names, Data acquisition and Keyword Research, over the past 10 years, we have needed to expand into Development of Properties and entire Domain Portfolios, Fulfillment Solutions, Product/Service Purchasing Development, Domain Portfolio Management, Corporate Online Identity Management, Brand Development and Management, and Trademark & Copyright Services.

We offer fulfillment merchant services, products, or software applications/solutions to offer, if you are interested in Partnering with or Contracting Our Services you may submit your Request, Proposal or White Paper here





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